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Launch of the Silver Louis Poulsen Patera


Back in 2015, Louis Poulsen launched the Patera pendant in white by Øivind Slaatto. It was launched as modern take on the classic chandelier, bringing a glowing focal point and soft, dynamic illumination to contemporary spaces. Now in 2019, Poulsen are adding a mesmerizing form in a new silver foil version to this family.

The silver Patera takes a bold step away from minimalisim whilst keeping its classic form and Danish design principle. Its eye catching reflective profile instantly catches the eye, becoming an irresistible focal point and an essential part of the room's ambiance.

Patera’s form is beautiful to behold from all angles, its Fibonacci sequence-based structure providing a different impression from every vantage point. It is ideally suited for spaces unafraid to stand out, make a statement, and show off their personality – whether it’s a modern hotel, the newest concept restaurant, an innovative concert hall, offices and conference spaces that reject generic décor, or residential spaces that embrace dramatic and unexpected style.

A single silver Patera creates a luminous focal point. A series of them – staggered or aligned, in one size or all three – creates the sense of magic we feel when we gaze up at the starry sky.

Available online now.